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Flames of Spain

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Flames of Spain would be categorized with New Age or Nuevo Flamenco music, if you could find it in record stores -- and it would be superior to 90 percent of what you'd find in that bin. For those of you looking for Flamenco Puro, this isn't it. It's wild and rhythmic Nuevo Flamenco with far more of Latin America than Spain. In addition to the guitar, there is bass, percussion, and some vocals. At times the sound runs toward rock or occasionally borders on a funky groove. It's always exuberant--- with that "uncontrolled" beauty that can only be produced by a master of the art. Although Nocy is a brilliant guitarist, his artistry isn't limited to technical brilliance -- His music comes across very powerfully in this recording, too. This is a CD worth taking a chance on -- it's amazing work.

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