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Live At The Bellagio

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Flamenco guitarist Nocy (who also plays other styles) likes to say “If your heart is touched, my music has spoken.” Here with his first live album called Live at the Bellagio From the melodic up-tempo opening track (“Amor Mi Amor”), you know that it’s time for the fiesta. As a show of true eclecticism, the guitarist then launches full blast into a raw 12-bar blues tune (“Blues 66”) that is as fierier as it is anything else. Nocy says that this recording is a completely unedited one. From his debut release years ago to this current live CD, this is one guitarist who clearly knows how to effectively use phrasing, melodies, blindingly fast riffs, and catchy hooks to punctuate his wonderful brand of music. –Ronald Jackson Smooth Jazz Magazine


  1. If you could release a live dvd & bluray concert at the Bellagio

    • We are working on releasing live DVD. Live At The Bellagio recording was not intended to be released but since the demands are big we decided to release it and the sales are huge thank you for your comment


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