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Spirits of Love

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Spirits of Love is a new CD release containing twelve original world music compositions by the great guitarist Nocy Karkour in which he seamlessly blends multiple styles and influences including Flamenco, Latin, Jazz,Blues, Regggae, Bossa Nova, and even Arabic music. It is a great pleasure to find again Nocy’s dazzling speed and virtuosity which we had already savored in his previous successful release Flames of Spain. What is even more impressive in Spirits of Love, however, is the new level of musical maturity reached by Nocy and his band, with an uncompromising focus on simple melodic lines and rhythm. The virtuosity is there but only as a servant of the overall musical ideas and feelings. Nocy’s spirituality, raw talent, and primitive energy explode in each note. The more you listen to this CD, the more it will sink into you, striking unexpected notes and tones in your soul.

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